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[ SPOILERS for Chapter 4, 5, 6 (and a smidgen of end-game) ]

[ NO REALLY, SPOILERS (and also guys kissing) ]
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in which there is k(c)issing, confusion, cuddling )
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There's a young man standing in Caldisla's graveyard, though he isn't actually visiting a grave--at least, there isn't one to be seen.

He remembers one being here, though. "Tiz Arrior, beloved brother, rests here."

And he remembers it having a worse inscription, once.

Is it... better, that it's gone? He's not sure. There's still a chasm. Norende's still gone. Maybe they just haven't had time to make the grave yet. His fist holds on to a bunch of his shirt's fabric, a sort of makeshift security blanket, as he considers the empty space and tries to square it with what he last remembers. It doesn't work. But the world not making sense to him isn't a new thing.

He should find out what he can about the others, most likely. They should be here too... he thinks.

He lets go of his shirt, smoothing it out as he tries to put a pleasant smile on his face. Mild, calm, reliable. That's who Tiz Arrior is, and that's who Lowell Highwind, or whatever name he gives out today, will be. With that in mind, he goes to explore the rest of Caldisla, making his way down to the port as his first destination.

[ OOC: All right so... I'm basically putting this guy here and getting him out of the way so I can start focusing on other characters. XD This Tiz is AU: he'll recognize all asterisk holders, but not Ringabel, and is not expecting any Agn├Ęs or Edea to recognize him. ]
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Everything is peaceful and quiet in Luxendarc. The birds are singing, the monsters are roaming, crystals are shining.

Suddenly, there's an explosion of light from the Norende Plateau that spreads across all the land. When it abates, everything is changed.

Those caught in the explosion, from every land, wake up in what appears to be that familiar inn in Caldisla. Karl's good morning and all.

But who is that in bed with them?'

[BD Dressing Room is officially open! If you'd like, post an opening for others to join you. In bed.

Or you can put up your own post and go from there. Just have fun!]
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Use this post as an OOC introduction for yourself and your character(s). If you like! Use it to chat or talk about threads, things you want to see.

(Warn for spoilers plz)


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